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Marketing For Magicians – 3 Tips to obtain more Magic Show Bookings

Many magicians are hanging out awaiting the telephone to ring and wondering why their marketing isn’t working. If that’s you, don’t fret you will find steps you can take to create your marketing better and obtain more magic show bookings.

First, re-think your marketing material. In case your materials are no more than how great your show is and just how funny you’re, your prospects are likely to tune out.

You have to discuss the advantages that the clients can get from booking your show. For instance, if you sell a course on eating healthily to some school, try something similar to this:

Following the show, your students could be more accustomed to the healthy choices at hand and looking forward to trying a few of the ideas presented within the show.

Your students can concentrate and obtain better grades once they try a few of the simple ideas presented within this interactive show.

Next, make certain you’ve got a USP. No not UPS, the postal service, however a Unique Feature. This is exactly what enables you to not the same as other performers.

Why must a possible client hire you in comparison to the guy lower the road? If you fail to answer that question, sit lower and decipher it. Allow it to be your saying inside your marketing. For instance:

Creating magical recollections that serve you for a lifetime!


Altering habits through magic

Also .. Find something unique in regards to you!

Finally, get plenty of testimonials from previous customers and employ them. Ask your customers to provide you with a genuine evaluation. Use both good and bad comments.

Make use of the good comments for referrals. Go ahead and take bad comments and employ them that will help you enhance your shows. Always pay attention to both negative and positive. The only method to improve will be available to critique.

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